Start a Business Fast

Start a Business Fast

Ready to LAUNCH YOUR DREAMS? Get all the secret sauce to starting a business – FAST! In less than 7 hours, learn how to build a website, create a shopping cart, take payments, create contracts and market your business. The complete course is valued at over $1500, it is yours for just $249! Contracts, Service Level Agreement Templates and Logos Templates included!

Start a Business Fast
  • Session 1 - Domain Name Registration

    In the first course I teach you how to quickly register a domain name. Registering a domain name is super simple and a first step in starting your business. There is a small fee, usually less than $20 for registering a domain name name, but it is a big step in starting your business.

  • Session 2 - Web Hosting Setup

    This course is all about web hosting setup. As a bonus, we discuss a little bit about how to become a web host reseller so you can make recurring income hosting websites if you want. There is a separate session on using for hosting in case you want to just setup hosting and not beco...

  • Session 3 - Installing WordPress

    Over 455 Million people use WordPress for their websites. If you know how to use WordPress your are on your way to business success. It is scalable and will grow as your company grows. It can handle most business needs in a pinch.

  • Session 4 - Installing a WordPress Theme

    We have chosen the best and most comprehensive theme for you to install. It will save you so much time and headaches and make your business look professional quickly if you follow my simple steps.

  • Session 5 - Designing a Simple Logo

    A logo can cost anywhere from $50 to $50,000 – I’m not even joking! So why not learn how to create a nice standard logo? Included in this tutorial are a handful of templates that will get you started on creating a nice logo quickly.

  • Session 6 - Using Photoshop

    If you have a business, you may need to edit photos from time to time. Photoshop definitely will make your life easier if you have to edit photos. There are other tools out there too, but the Adobe Creative Cloud has a monthly plan that is affordable and great for business owners.

  • Session 7 - Typography and Colors

    It is amazing how important typography and colors are. Good colors and great type are foundational to beautiful design. From your logo to your website headings, typography and colors start telling your story long before anyone even reads what you do.

  • Session 8 - Creating Content

    Once you have a nice foundation of website and logo in place, the next step is to start adding some content. Some simple blocks of text with some nice pictures will help tell your customers about your products and services.

  • Session 9 - Content Creation Part II

    Because this is such a crucial part of your website and your business, I had to break it up into two sections! Content is more than just writing about your site, but it is also about how it is styled on the site.

  • Session 10 - The Details

    There is no place where the devil is more in the details than in starting a business and setting up a business website. In this session we look at some of the small details that bring your brand together.

  • Session 11 - The Details Part II

    Yep, we got more details to cover – and you will be glad we did. When it comes to making things look cohesive, we have to focus on all the little things and make sure that our customers know that we pay attention to the things that matter, even the small annoying things.

  • Session 12 - Setting Up WooCommerce

    There are a number of shopping carts out there that work with WordPress, but one of my favorites is WooCommerce. If you want to sell products or take payments online, you can save yourself money by setting up your own shopping cart instead of using a third party payment system.

  • Session 13 - Using PayPal for Payments

    Taking payments is easy if you use PayPal and so many people already have PayPal accounts and are comfortable with it, so it makes taking payments a breeze. However, you can use a number of payment gateways with WooCommerce, PayPal is just the fastest to setup so we chose it.

  • Session 14 - Contact Forms

    When you have a business, people are going to need to reach you sometimes. Setting up a great contact form can help your customers reach you by phone, email, or by coming to your storefront. However, it can also be used to limit how customers reach you – which can be a good thing too.

  • Session 15 - Quick Tips for Adobe Illustrator

    You may not need this tutorial, but I created it for those individuals who might not know how easy and powerful of a tool that Illustrator can be. Plus, I’ll add in some links to some of my favorite tutorials that will help you if you want to get advanced with your graphic design skills.

  • Session 16 - Hosting with

    There are a number of hosting providers out there, but for the price and ease of setup for WordPress, I find that does the trick. You can also use, but I have found that their speed just doesn’t always cut it – surprisingly. Plus, tries to upsell you a lot.

  • Session 17 - Final Touches

    When it comes to web design you always have to do a final once-over to make sure that everything is in order. This session is about wrapping up the final touches of the site.

  • Session 18 - Simple SEO Basics

    Once you create a great website, you have to jump through a few hoops to make sure people can find it. Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is foundational when it comes to setting up a business.

  • Session 19 - Building Relationships

    Good business is all about relationships. There is no better advertising than word-of-mouth and referrals so making sure you take care of customers is critical – even when the customer is wrong. It is next to impossible to please everyone all the time, but you do want to try!

  • Session 20 - CPAs & Taxes

    The last thing we talk about in this course is the importance of setting up your business legally. Find a good CPA and avoid the mistakes I made when I started my business.


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